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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Galaxy and Tin Man

Here's another short scene from my latest novel, Galaxy Rand. This is taken from a chapter titled The Black Hole ( a bar, not an actual black hole. That would be rather disasterous! ):

   I'd left the bot outside the bar to stand guard. He was hiding in the shadows of the narrow alley running between The Black Hole and the equally-sleazy joint next door. I whistled low, once, as a signal, and the bot came to join me. Gas orbs hovering over the deserted street offered a few splotches of dim light. The bot's black-armored body gleamed like polished glass.

   "Did you acquire any pertinent information, Rand?" he asked.
   "Not a whole helluva lot," I had to admit. "Confirmed some current rumors, though. Seems an old friend of mine's back in this sector, and I'll give you hundred to one odds he's behind the latest Remoxa jackings."
   "Could the individual in question be responsible for the recent attempts on your life as well?"

   I shook my head. "Don't see how the bloody hell that's possible, Tin Man. Torrance can't have enough credits to hire that many hitmen. If he jacks one or two more shipments like the last one, he'll be more'n ready to take me out, no doubt about that. But it's beginning to look as if somebody's beat him to the punch."
   "Then where does that leave us?"
   "Us? Again with the us!" For some unknown reason, that two-letter word raised my hackles to full-staff.

   "Now you look here, pal! There is no us! You have absolutely nothing at stake. Got that? Not a fleggin soul in the whole bloody Cosmos gives a fast-flying damn what happens to you. Hell, you're nothing but a bot: just a walking, talking, human-aping collection of nuts and bolts, servos and nano-circuits--nothing more!"

   In his most annoying, most uppity tone, Blackie snapped, "Thank you for reminding me of the cold, hard facts, madam. I had almost succeeded in forgetting my present state of being."

@copyright 2014

Well, that's enough for now. More later. Hope you enjoy.

Keep on writing and keep on reading,

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Another Readercon Has Come and Gone

I was actually a little bit worried about attending Readercon 25. We've been to quite a few now, but last year's was rather disconcerting. The hotel, the Burlington Marriott, was undergoing major renovations during the con; our favorite pub had been closed, so food was an issue; check in was being held in a tiny side room, not the main lobby. Things were topsy-turvy and not terribly comfortable or convenient.

But we managed to survive and have a good time in spite of everything. However, to tell the truth I wasn't looking forward to this year's convention as much as usual.

Fortunately, conditions were much improved. The lobby was back in business and looking good. There is now a Great Room where the pub used to be, providing space where one can sit, talk, and relax as well as enjoy food and drink. It's complete with an ultra-modern fireplace and candle-lit shelves.

But our room was on the first floor and appeared not to have been remodeled at all. We missed having a fridge, and there was a strong smell of pool chemicals due to our proximity to the pool area.

We had Sunday brunch at the new restaurant ( Chopps ) that replaced SummerWinter. I found the food of better quality than previous years.

The Book Dealers' Room was full and well attended. Hubby and I bought more books to add to our ever-growing TBR pile, as well as making a sidetrip to Barnes and Noble. So Readercon is alive and kicking. We have no hesitation about attending next year's. In fact, we're already looking forward to it.

Whether or not you attend conventions, remember to keep on reading, and keep on writing!