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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Authors Night at the Vineyard

What a lovely night we had! Our second book signing at Zorvino's Vineyard in Sandown, New Hampshire,could hardly have been better. The weather cooperated nicely--temps in the 40s and no snow, rain, or ice. The vineyard is a bit out in the boondocks, but it's lovely. Besides the vineyard itself, the grounds include a barn, a pond, and a gazebo.
The interior of the venue is rustic, but absolutely beautiful, featuring a real wood fireplace, a cozy corner with couches, a bar, and a balcony surrounding the entire room. The lighting is romantic, if a bit dim. They actually brought in a floor lamp to brighten our corner!

Downstairs, we visited the winery and the store, where you can taste their wines and purchase a few bottles, which we cheerfully did.

As for Authors Night, it was well-attended by authors, publishers, and visitors alike. Live guitar music throughout the night added to the ambience. I sold and signed a few books. Hubby and I posed for a photo with a bottle of wine--a first for me! I signed a pic for the event organizer's files and traded books to be reviewed with another scifi author. Lastly, I donated a signed copy of my fourth novel, Galaxy Rand---a space opera which is an homage to pulp fiction--to a parents' group for educational purposes. They offer to promote local authors who donate their books. I thought that was a good idea and a cost-effective way for authors to advertise their work.

Of course, we also bought several books, reconnected with some old friends, and made several new ones. I got to talk science fiction, including favorite books, movies, and TV shows. It's always fun to introduce new readers to my Tartarus Trilogy, especially to those who are fans of SF, space adventure, and mixed-genre novels.

We left looking forward to the next book event, which will take place on July 30, 2014. Each event is an adventure, as we never know who we will meet, what's going to happen next, and what connections we'll make. It's all part of the fun of being a published author!

Keep on reading; keep on writing!