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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Another Bit from Galaxy Rand

Here's another of my favorite scenes from my new space opera Galaxy Rand:

   "Rand, have you considered that your past might very well provide the motive behind the recent attempts upon your life?"
   "I don't follow you, Tin Man. You saying some bastard wants me dead because my past isn't exactly flawless?" I had to shake my head. The whole idea was fleggin crazy! "Naw, I can't buy that load of bilge."
   "Do not dismiss my theory quite so hastily, Rand. Let us hypothesize that someone from your past does indeed intend to kill you or to have you killed. The motive would most likely be one of two: either fear or hatred, or perhaps a combination of the two."
   I got a real chuckle outta that one. "Lots of people in this solar system hate my bloody guts, Tin Man! But fear? Hell, nobody's afraid of me--'cept the jackers and smugglers operating in this sector. I do my job. I recoup, period! Otherwise, I make it a firm policy never to stick my nose into other people's business, whether it's legal or illegal. Too damned dangerous!"
   "But as a recoup agent, you are paid to recover hijacked goods, are you not!" Blackie demanded, as if he thought I needed reminding about my own profession.
   "Yeah, and I'm damned good at it, pal."
   "Have you recovered any stolen property of late?"
   My pride was stung; felt my face go flame-red, so I turned away from the bot's nosey stare. "Uh, well, I have to admit the job's been a helluva lot tougher than usual lately. Besides, I never claimed I recouped one hundred percent," I grumbled.
   "As rumors would have it, Rand, the ISF suspects that a criminal mastermind is responsible for the most recent hijackings plaguing this sector of the galaxy. You would not be at all familiar with the subject of these rumors, now would you?"
   I growled, "Wouldn't give you two damn credits for any unsubstantiated rumors, pal"
   The bot pounced. "A six-syllable word! Absolutely astounding! That must be a new verbal record for you, Rand!"
   I glared daggers at him, not appreciating the snarky remark one damn bit. "Look here, you smart-ass--!" I started to snarl, then checked myself. "Why in the name of Unholy Hell am I sitting here arguing with a fleggin piece of machinery? Especially one that thinks it's God's greatest gift to the whole damn Universe!"


That's it for now, folks. Hope you enjoyed reading.

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