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Friday, January 27, 2017

A Never-Ending Story?

For fifty years now, I've lived with the main characters of my Tartarus Trilogy. Over that time I've come to know them pretty well, perhaps better than I know some of my own family members! And I must admit that I've grown very attached to Rona Scott, Malkis of Tartarus, Richard Hughes, and Kalom of Eris.

My first published book, Judgment on Tartarus, was a scifi adventure about a young woman who always dreamed of a career in space. The story grew out of my love for science fiction and space exploration. ( I always hoped we'd have a base on Mars by now--or at least on Luna! ) My interest in Greek myths definitely influenced the story, and it was also my way of protesting bigotry against "others": anyone who is different in appearance, culture, beliefs, etc.

As the young woman who is the main protagonist in Book One became drawn into galactic events beyond her control, my characters refused to allow the story to end there. The novel was intended to be a stand-alone tale, but a sequel, True Son of Tartarus, was born. Before Book Two was ever published, I realized that my characters had even more of a tale to tell, and thus Ransom of Tartarus came to be.

After a long, frustrating road, the entire trilogy was published, and I breathed a sigh of relief as I pursued another novel entirely. Then one of my readers planted a seed in my imagination. She wondered how my characters first met, what was their backstory. So I was soon off and writing a prequel to the Trilogy: Malkis of Tartarus. Now as that novel ( which will be my first YA ) nears completion, I shudder to recall a woman once asking me at one of my signings: "Is this one of those never-ending sagas?"

Well, I certainly hope not! But who knows what lies in wait.

Thanks for reading, and keep on writing!