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Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Writers and readers know that a few typos always manage to slip through the editing process. It seems to be inevitable, no matter how hard writers and editors try to avoid them. But lately I ran across a couple mistakes that were so obvious and so laughable that they effected my enjoyment of the rest of the book. I know what you're thinking! But these weren't independents; the books were published by well-known major houses!

In one book ( which shall remain nameless ), I read that a character arrived at a stable and requested that his "house" be given a rubdown and be fed! Now, unless I missed something, I believe the word should've been "horse!" Makes a bit more sense, doesn't it? But the damage was done; I nearly laughed myself sick as I pictured a house getting a rubdown. And unfortunately, I chuckled through the rest of the book.

In another book, the band that was playing was said to be "whaling." Unless said band was Captain Ahab and the Nemos, I think the word should have been "wailing." Again, I had a good laugh, but that mistake took the edge off my enjoyment of the rest of the book.

One little error like those can ruin a perfectly good story. I hate that! So writers, editors, proofreaders be warned: Do not depend on Spellcheck to do your job for you. Catch those little "oopsies" yourselves. Anyone have any beauties they'd like to share? Please feel free; these days we could all use a good laugh.

Keep writing and keep reading!