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Monday, June 15, 2015

AnthoCon 4

My hubby Bob and I attended this year's AnthoCon in Portsmouth NH. This was our fourth AnthoCon and, in my opinion, the best so far. For the first time at a convention/conference we had a dealer's table to sell books and collectble comics. I'm a writer and Bob's a "collector," so we often do book expos and comic cons as dealers.

   AnthoCon is billed as a specfic conference; speculative fiction includes genres such as horror, fantasy, science fiction, urban fantasy, etc. Most attendees are involved in some field related to specfic. Many are authors, publishers, artists and readers. I, personally, would like to see a few more fans of specfic in attendance, not just professionals. I think they bring an air of excitement and enthusiasm to any convention. I do enjoy networking with fellow writers and artists in all genres.

   The folks who attend AnthoCon are generally super-friendly and welcoming. You won't stay a newcomer for long. I've said that this is a "huggy" con. Other cons that we've attended seem to be more standoffish and reserved. It's much easier to make new friends at AnthoCon and feel right at home here.

   In addition to a well-stocked dealer's room, AnthoCon features panels, readings, raffles, a Saturday night buffet and jam session, a convenient and comfortable venue, and lots of lively conversation.
   We always enjoy eating at the Roundabout Diner, which is a short walk across the hotel parking lot, and Portsmouth proper isn't far away. If you go over the nearby bridge, you end up on the scenic coast of Maine with beaches, restaurants, and outlet shopping. All in all, this is a lovely place to spend a few days or more.

  Bob and I had a great time catching up with old friends, meeting new ones, and networking with a wide variety of professionals. We even managed to win a raffle; I put hubby's name on the ticket. ( He has the luck of the Irish, and I have none at all! )

   We're already looking forward to AnthoCon 2016. I'm sure it will be another wonderful experience.

   In the meantime, keep on reading and keep on writing,