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Monday, December 16, 2013

Step Into Rona's Boots

Try putting yourself into my heroine's boots. All her life, Rona Scott has dreamed of having a career in the Interstellar Space Service. She's worked hard, studied hard, and endured five long years of a dead-boring job at Earth Base One.

At last the Brass assign her to a deep-space job: DataComm tech aboard the retired space cruiser Astrella II. Now, twelve years after the end of the Gorgonian Wars, Astrella has been reduced to conducting diplomatic and scientific missions throughout the known-Galaxy.

Imagine boarding your first ship with Rona, only to discover it's a hot-bed of gossip, bigotry, and outright hatred. Discouraging, to say the least! But the situation rapidly goes downhill. The CO, Richard Hughes ( the legendary "Hero of the Gorgonian Wars") has a volatile temper and no sympathy for green ensigns.

Even worse, his ExO, Malkis of Tartarus, is an alien who has an obvious grudge against Terrans, females in particular. He's out to make Rona's life a living Hell! Your heart would probably sink to boot-level, as Rona's does. Her long-dreamed-of career in space seems doomed. Her dream is becoming a nightmare.

Rona struggles to remain open-minded, to maintain her high ideals, to be tolerant, and to tell the unvarnished truth, no matter the cost. She does her best to bite her tongue and concentrate on doing her duty. Just when the situation seems to be at its absolute worst---she has lied to her CO; a crewman has been found murdered; they've been attacked by an old enemy--Astrella is diverted to the mysterious planet Tartarus for unknown reasons.

There, Rona is shocked to discover that all she encountered aboard Astrella was mere child's play compared to what she's now up against.

Intrigued? Discover Rona's ultimate destiny in Judgment on Tartarus, Book One of the Tartarus Trilogy. Each novel is capable of standing on its own. You can read one or all three if you like. ( available on in paperback or Kindle as well as other online booksellers.)

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