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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Another Great Comic Con!

Once again hubby and I manned a booth at Northeast Comic Con, Summer Edition ( June 18&19 ), held as usual at Shriners Auditorium in Wilmington MA ( right off Rt. 93 ) We aren't professional collectors; collecting is strictly a hobby with us. And as the author of four published science fiction/ space adventure novels, I also sell my books. This gives me a great opportunity to discuss my work with readers and scifi fans.

Across the aisle from us was a booth dedicated to Doctor Who, complete with a life-sized "Ood" ( If you aren't a fan, look that up.) Everyone who came by had to have their picture taken with the Ood! Then "Who" should roll by but a realistic, talking Dalek. Quite a surprise!

This year's celebrity guests included Mickey Dolenz of Monkees fame and Barry Bostwick ( Rocky Horror Picture Show, etc. ) We're usually too busy for celebrity-spotting, but we did manage to get a glimpse of Reb Brown, the original Captain America, in full costume.

There were costumes galore: lots of Doctor Whos, a Batman or two, a Superman, Darth Vader, Ghostbusters, Ghostrider, Deadpool, The Joker, Indiana Jones, Aladdin, Ariel, etc., etc. It's a lot of fun to see how much effort goes into making these costumes so realistic. But for me the highlight was meeting a dead-ringer for Chris Hemsworth; I admired his beautiful Thor costume, and we chatted for some time. When he left, he shook my hand--almost as good as shaking hands with the real Thor! I loved it!

We also met a couple guys from the Star Trek Association of the Northeast who are planning a Trek convention in NY. Of course, we were excited to hear that. It's been a long time since we were able to attend a Star Trek con!

As usual, we partook of Wild Bill's Soda Stand--always excellent. We got into a discussion with a fellow Babylon 5 fan. If you've never seen this TV show, you need to check it out. Excellent scifi with a superb cast. It seems to be undergoing a resurgence of popularity.

We made many people very happy with their purchases from our booth; one young lady in particular was ecstatic to get her hands on a Katniss doll ( Hunger Games.) A gentleman was eager to purchase a book on John Wayne; he and my hubby are both huge fans of the Duke! And kids are always happy to get a new toy.

We're already committed to Northeast Comic Con's Winter Edition ( Dec. 3&4 ) and this time we're planning a big celebration of Star Trek's 50th Anniversary. We have collectibles of all kinds, from jewelry to scripts, records to costumes. As a huge Trek fan, I can't wait. Also, Dean Cain ( Superman in Lois and Clark ) will be appearing!

Maybe we'll see some of you there. Keep on reading and keep on writing!


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